How To Locate Your Paint Color Code

Finding car paint color codes is easy at Simply locate the brand name of your vehicle from the list below and click on it. It will take you to our dedicated page for that brand where you can find paint code location information including images. We carry touch up paint products for most major cars, trucks, vans, sports utility vehicles, and motorcycles, but if you don’t find your vehicle brand in this list, please get in touch with us as we can probably help you out anyway.

Once you know how to find paint code numbers for your automobile or motorcycle, then you know how to find the perfect color match for your vehicle’s factory paint finish. Using the code you provide, TouchUpDirect will find the appropriate color matching paint to blend with the original manufacturer’s paint job so you can make those annoying imperfections disappear. We pride ourselves on providing a durable touch up paint that will match the original color and finish of your vehicle with minimal impact on the environment.

The reason we focus on paint color codes and not paint names is that paint names change and the codes don’t. So your motorcycle might have a paint color called Candy Apple Red, and your friend’s car might have a paint color called Ruby Red, but it’s possible the paint underneath is exactly the same, and shares the same paint code. Using paint color codes means the most accurate possible touch up job for you, and that’s what we’re all about here at TouchUpDirect.

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