What Tools Do I Need for a Kia Touch Up Paint Job?

kia Touch Up Paint Tools including Polishing compound, sand paper, clearcoat, basecoat, primer and wax and grease remover wipe
To create the best looking coat for your Kia vehicle and hide minor scratches, we recommend the following:

PRIMER, COLOR, AND CLEARCOATIt goes without saying that you need paint to do a touch up paint job. Clearcoat provides a thin protective layer for your paint job while Primer is required for damage that has reached the original base material.

WAX AND GREASE REMOVER CLOTH - The wax and grease remover cloth is used to remove wax, grease, and contaminants before painting.

SANDPAPERWet sanding the affected area on your Kia removes rust and prepares the surface with a rough finish so the paint can stick better.

POLISHING COMPOUND - The polishing compound smooths everything out with a factory-grade finish.

These Kia paint tools are all available with our Platinum Kit but can be purchased separately on the TouchUpDirect website.

How to Apply Kia Touch Up Paint

Looking for help with painting your Kia? We have an entire library of instructions and how-to videos designed to walk you through the process of painting your Kia.

How to Find Your Kia Paint Code

In order to get the perfect touch up paint color to match your Kia, simply locate the paint color code of your vehicle. On all Kia models, the paint color code is on the driver side door jamb. The code itself is usually made up of two characters, one letter and one number but it can also be a small combination of letters only (ie. ABT). With this Kia code in hand, you’re ready to start restoring your Kia to its factory finish with easy-to-use TouchUpDirect touch up paint. Kia Paint Code Examples: 3D, Y7, U4
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Kia history and information

Kia's Story

Kia's entry into the automotive industry was, to say the least, progressive. The company, founded in 1944, started its business by manufacturing steel tubing and bicycle parts. A couple of years later Kia started building complete bicycles then motorcycles. It was only after opening a new top of the line automotive assembly plant, that in 1973 it started producing cars.  

Kia made its entry on American soil in the '80s in the form of a partnership. As such, Kia's cars were marketed as the Ford Festiva and the Ford Aspire. It was not until 1992 that Kia entered the North American market under its own name. Even with this small start, Kia had only four dealerships at the time. The brand made a name for itself due to its affordability. In the late '90s amidst the Asian financial crisis, the other big Korean car manufacturer Hyundai, bought 51% of Kia's share. Since then, Hyundai sold some of these shares, but the company remains present in Kia's control.

Kia’s desire for the rejuvenation of the brand with a new lineup of cars and an emphasis on quality rather than affordability led to the redesign, which was also the perfect time to develop a more prominent brand identity. It achieved that goal with the introduction of the Kia "Tiger Nose" front grille now present on all the brand cars. This new effort and the company's slogan "The Power To Surprise" encompasses its meaning. Don't get caught with a paint scratch on your Kia and order today the TouchUpDirect touch up paint that matches your car.