aerosol can of primer and paint pens
About Primer

Primer must be used if the damage is bad enough that you can see exposed base material. If this is the case for you, this will be the first coat that you apply to your paint job. After wet sanding the damaged area, put down Primer to make sure that the paint adheres. Due to its binding properties, Primer makes color stick to whatever it needs to stick to. It also acts as a protective coat, fighting rust and other detrimental elements. The lack of a Primer can lead to corrosive effects so make sure not to skip this layer.

Once you are ready to paint, purchase Primer in our accessories section to kick off your paint project.

Primer Video
How to Apply Primer?
  • Use this if the original base material (i.e. metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and the like) is exposed.

  • Apply 2 to 3 light coats of Primer to the material you intend to paint.

  • Make sure you cover all of the exposed original base material.

  • Allow 5-10 minutes before continuing on to the next step so the Primer has time to dry.