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We know what is like after your amazing off road trip. There's always maintenance, fixing things to get ready for your next adventure. We've got the colors you need to keep you're rig looking great.

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Some of the hardest used parts on Jeeps are aftermarket accessories. We've developed colors for popular bumpers, winches, racks, and more.

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Helpful Tips

Here's some touch up tips that have worked well for some of our other Jeep-loving customers.

How Ignoring Paint Scratches Impacts The Overall Health of Your Car

Off-road life is hard, keep it nice.

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Here's a how-to on painting accessories or damaged areas.

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Try our most versatile touch up paint applicator. We keep it in our glove compartment for any touch up need as it happens.

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How to find your Jeep Paint Code?

How to find your Jeep Paint Code?

The Jeep paint color codes for recent models are located on the driver side door jamb. For older models, you can look for the paint code on the firewall, on the radiator support bar or under the driver seat. The American Motors Jeeps have a two-digit color code while more modern Jeeps are mostly three characters and start with a "P". They can include both letters and numbers or only letters.

Jeep Paint Code Examples: 4D, 5E, PAU/LAU, LC5, S4A
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