Touch Up Paint Spill

Because TouchUpDirect cares deeply about our customers, we have implemented a system designed to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your touch up paint. TUDCare, an extension of our Color Match Guarantee, will protect your purchase for a whole year. After all, we don’t want you to have to purchase an entirely new kit just because the original product was lost or damaged.

How does TUDCare work?
Missing Touch Up Paint

Has your touch up kit mysteriously vanished? We’ve got you covered.

Touch Up Paint Warranty Expiration

From the purchase date, you have one year to redeem your replacement.

Touch Up Paint Replacement

To get your replacement, contact us and we will send you an identical kit.

Still have questions? Here’s a short FAQ about TUDCare:

What is TUDCare?

TUDCare is our one year, one time, same kit and color, replacement warranty. If you lose your applicator, contact us and we will send you a new one.

How Do I Get TUDCare?

Good news! If you’ve purchased the Platinum kit for any of our Combo, Pen, Brush or Aerosol applicators, you already have TUDCare. It’ll kick in 30 days after your initial purchase.

Wait. Why 30 Days?

We already have a 30 day return policy in place. If you wish to return your touch up kit in this window, just contact our customer support team. For more information, please click here.

Can I Buy TUDCare Separately?

Yes. If you don’t want to go with the Platinum kit, we will give you the option to purchase TUDCare during checkout. Because our customer support team needs to be able to locate TUDCare claims quickly, this warranty is only available to purchase with the touch up kits. The price is $6 for Combo, Pen, and Brushes. $14 for Aerosol.

How Do I Redeem My TUDCare?

Press the button above. Choose TUDCare from the drop menu and it will take you to a form. Input your email and your order number. Submit your form and we’ll send you your replacement. Simple as that!

What Do I Get When I Receive My TUDCare replacement?

You get a full replacement of everything you ordered the first time. For instance, if you order the Platinum Kit, you would be sent the primer, basecoat, clearcoat, wax and grease remover wipe, sandpaper pack, and polishing compound.

How Long Can I Claim TUDCare?

A year from the day of your initial purchase.

Wait. It’s Free? What About Shipping? That Can’t Be Free.

When we say free, we mean free. We want our customers to feel comfortable and have a great touch up experience. We’ll cover the shipping costs and you can get back to making your car beautiful.