TUDCare = TouchUpDirect Product Replacement Warranty

TouchUpDirect Care is like Apple Care for your touch up paint


TUDCare Graphic

What is TUDCare?

At TouchUpDirect, we know that accidents happen. Whether it’s a bump or a scrape on your vehicle, or misplacing your Combo, we’re here for you. That’s why we created TUDCare, our one year, one time, same color product replacement warranty. Now you can receive TUDCare for free on all Combo Essential, Combo Preferred and Combo Platinum purchases. So you can rest easy knowing, that if for whatever reason you find yourself needing a replacement, we’ve got you covered. Because we could all use a little extra care.

TUDCare Step by Step

How does TUDCare work?

Picture this...You’ve had an incident with a runaway shopping cart at the grocery store and reach into your bag for your trusty Combo to fix that darn scratch, only to come up empty handed. Where did it go? Did you lose it? Did you accidentally throw it out? You seem to remember “cleaning” out your bag and realize that you may have tossed it in the trash by mistake. Do you panic? No! You have TUDCare!


TUDCare Details:

  • Free on all Combo Essential, Combo Preferred and Combo Platinum
  • Same color only replacement
  • Redeemable one time in a year
  • Exact kit replacement

Just click on the claim button and fill out our form with your email and order # to redeem your TUDCare, and we’ll ship your replacement ASAP. It’s that simple.

TUDCare is a one time, one year warranty that applies only to Touch Up Direct's "Combo Applicator" and "Combo Kit" tool. "Combo" is the product name and only refers to the two-in-one applicator tool. It does not extend to a combination of products. The warranty can only be redeemed one time in one year and for same color replacements.