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All of our colors come right out of the manufacturer’s books. Under our Color Match Guarantee, we make sure that the color provided to you is a match for the one on your vehicle. Learn More →

 Touch Up Paint Warranty
Protect Your Purchase With TUDCare

TUDCare is TouchUpDirect's 12 month, one-time, same color replacement warranty. TUDCare comes free with the purchase of any of our Platinum Kits. If you lose your applicator for any reason, we will send you an entire replacement kit for free. That way, if your dog steals your applicator for his hoard, you'll be covered. Learn More →

What tools do I need for a Honda touch up paint job?

 Touch Up Paint Tools including Polishing compound, sand paper, clearcoat, basecoat, primer and wax and grease remover wipe

To create the best looking coat for your vehicle, we recommend the following:

PRIMER, COLOR, AND CLEARCOAT - It goes without saying that you need paint to do a touch up paint job. Clearcoat provides a thin protective layer for your paint job while Primer is required for damage that has reached the original base material.

WAX AND GREASE REMOVER CLOTH - The wax and grease remover cloth is used to remove wax, grease, and contaminants before painting.

SANDPAPER - Wet-sanding the affected area removes rust and prepares the surface with a rough finish so the paint can stick better.

POLISHING COMPOUND - The polishing compound smooths everything out with a factory-grade finish.

These tools are all available with our Platinum kit but can be purchased separately on the TouchUpDirect website.

How to apply Honda touch up paint?

Looking for help with painting your Honda ? We have an entire library of instructions and how-to videos designed to walk you through the process.

All Honda Models

How to find your Honda Paint Code?

How to find your Honda Paint Code?

The Honda paint color code on all models and years is located on the driver side door jamb. The paint color code should be on the bottom of the sticker and can contain letters, numbers and even dashes. Honda Paint Code Examples: NH603P, NH700M, BG62M
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 history and information

Honda Story

Honda is far from the only car maker that started its business by making motorcycles. In fact, it started not with motorcycles but by simply attaching a motor to a bike. This contraption allowed for a simple means of transportation in post-war Japan. Nowadays, Honda is the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, but it also builds motors of all kinds, from garden appliances to marine engines. 

Honda's car making ambitions started in the 1960s, much later than the other Japanese competitors Toyota and Nissan. Despite this late entry in the market, Honda triumphantly differentiated itself by their philosophy. This can be illustrated with their long-held tradition of front wheel drive powertrain implementation and their strong desire to supply their cars with a lot of new technology. Honda is also a pioneer in the Japanese luxury vehicle market with Acura, the first of its kind coming from the land of the rising sun.

Although Honda's entry on American soil was a bit rocky at first, it is now one of the most recognized brands present in the country. Accustomed to the Japanese market, Honda cars were a little too small to appeal to the American consumer. It did not take long for the company to bounce back with a new model to present, the Honda Civic. Even though the car was a bit small compared to some other American made options, it arrived on the market at a time where fuel economy was increasingly appealing.

Honda never ceased to put the environment and security at the forefront of its technological research, just like TouchUpDirect's concerns about making an eco-friendly touch up paint. Use the best touch up paint possible for your Honda with our factory exact color match.