Color Match Guarantee

How Does TouchUpDirect's Color Match Guarantee Help?

TouchUpDirect's Color-Match Guarantee ensures that our high quality paint is exactly the shade on your vehicle. Our matches are right out of the manufacturer's books and if you have a problem with your match, we will work with you to get it right. Make sure to check that you have the correct color code and take pictures to prove that you followed the instructions given. If the color doesn't match, please contact our help desk. You will need to:

  • Prove that you have the correct color code.
  • Show that you correctly followed the instructions.
  • Confirm that your vehicle has not been repainted with a non-factory finish.
  • Show us that the finished product doesn't match.

If, at this point, something's still not right, we'll replace your paint and get you the guidance you need to make that match.