Bronco Sport

First released in 2020, the Ford Bronco Sport brought back the legendary Bronco brand after a 25 year absence. Accessible, modifiable and reliable for off-roading recreation, the Bronco Sport proudly represents what the Bronco brand stood for for over 30 years. 

From 1965-1996, the Bronco was one leading off-road models, a genuine SUV in production for 30 years with the ability to go anywhere. It remains the only production 4x4 vehicle to outright win the grueling Baja 1000 race.

The Bronco Sport brings back the Bronco brand for a new generation of recreational off-roading drivers. Embodying the crossover spirit – it handles daily driving on roads well and is capable of going off-road.

In contrast to the original Bronco, the Bronco Sport has a unibody design - resulting in less road noise and easier, crossover handling. Another notable change is that the Bronco Sport exclusively has 4 doors while the classic Bronco had 2 doors. The Bronco Sport also comes with road-ready features like blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking.

Don't let the road-driving features fool you, the Bronco Sport is also made to compete off-road with any unibody Jeep crossover, including Trailhawk editions. All versions of the Ford Bronco Sport include standard 4x4 and 17.1" water fording capability. Off-road-ready suspension options come in higher trims. The Bronco Sport also comes with seven G.O.A.T. (goes over all terrain) drive modes, enabling it to adapt to a variety of trail conditions including going through mud and rock crawling.

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