Drive down any busy highway in America and you will spot an F-150 in seconds. The F-150 is the most popular trunk in the Ford F-series truck which is the most popular vehicle sold in the US and has been since 1981.  

Through constant renovation and addition of options that are in line with what truck buyers want, it has remained wildly popular for decades. That popularity has allowed Ford to expand and offer a wide variety of options ranging from the affordable XL up through more luxuriant trim levels including XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum,Limited and Raptor. The Raptor includes several features designed to adapt the truck for recreational off-road driving, including long-travel springs and shocks, and wider fender areas to accommodate larger 34” tires.

As of 2020, engine options include diesel, turbo-charged, EcoBoost. Drivetrain options include a two-wheel drive and four wheel drive.There are so many different options available for trim and engine, buying a F-150 involves intensive research and consultation to make sure the truck fits the needs of the user. To help guide this process some Ford dealerships have interactive displays that allow customers to experiment with combining options.

For a light-duty truck, the Ford F-150 offers significant power in towing – up to 13,200 lbs for some models. The most powerful engine for hauling is a 5.0 liter engine which can haul a payload of 3,270. For more fuel-efficiency-minded drivers, the turbocharged Ecoboost engine generates MPG of 20 city/26 highway. In 2015, the F-150 changed in a way that revolutionized how people think about trucks when it was redesigned with an all-aluminum body which shaved off 700 pounds, leading to gains in fuel efficiency and an improved power-to-weight ratio.

As the first truck to win Motor Trend’s truck of the year back to back, the Ford 150 extends the original mission of Ford to make affordable, customizable, do-it-all vehicles. It is possibly the most ubiquitous and successful Ford vehicle since the Model T started Ford’s journey. Ford looks to continue the innovation and options for its customers with the release of an all-electric F-150.

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