Our Story

Our Origins

I, Uri Thatcher, just really love touch up paint.

I think it’s neat.

That’s it. That’s our origins.

I mean...there’s other stuff. Like how my earliest childhood memory was lining up my cars for inspection and maintenance as I vowed to protect them from harm. Or how when I was nineteen, I scoured the country searching for rare motorcycles I could fix up and export abroad. On those journeys, I met all kinds of people and realized how much a person’s vehicle means to them. It deserves to be loved and looked after with the utmost care. With this ethos on hand, I spent the next two decades in the touch up paint industry. During that time, I encountered many talented like minded car fanatics. With our combined experience and years in the business, we came up with many ideas on how to make the touch up paint process better. Higher quality paint, eco-friendly products, and dedicated customer service were just a few of the plans we wanted to implement. Most of all we wanted to build a company where customers could restore their pride of ownership.


Our Mission

We’ve all felt that sense of dread one gets when those little accidents cause scratches and scrapes to your beloved vehicle. We here at TouchUpDirect want you to know that anyone can patch up that paint job.It seems like a daunting task but we’re committed to making this as easy and stress free as possible. We will walk you through the process of finding the exact right fix for your vehicle’s coat. And if more help is needed, our customer service is here for you every step of the way. We place as much of a premium on caring for our customers as we do in making our paints and innovating new products.


Our Operations

We’ve come a long way from mixing paint ourselves in an old doctor’s office. We place a high value on the little details so we still produce our paint colors on site (Don’t worry. We have a factory now). Working from our facility in Southern California, our team’s years of experience and expertise guarantees you a perfect color match.In addition to our dedicated and growing customer service, we have a top notch production team. They make sure that your made to order paints will safely reach you in a timely manner. We’re passionate about what we do and that level of care extends to our customers as well.