Touch Up Brush Matte Clearcoat

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    With the Brush applicator, you can cover areas the size of a quarter or smaller. Our Matte Clearcoats are specifically designed to match the most common finishes offered by manufacturers. We offer finishes ranging from very Matte (think chalkboard) to semi-gloss. We have 5 levels of Matte finish: 

    • FC01 – Flat. Common with interiors and auto trims. Some motorcycles have this level of Matte. 
    • FC02 – Matte. This is a less common level of Matte. This is still dry looking but will have some sheen. 
    • FC03 – Eggshell. This is our most common finish especially for motorcycle colors. 
    • FC03 has a slight sheen and silkiness to it. 
    • FC04 – Satin. Seen with some motorcycle manufactures that are going for a Matte look but want their colors to shine. Less common than FC03. 
    • FC05 – Semi-gloss. This is very common with automotive manufactures like Mercedes and BMW. This has a very obvious sheen to it and will look very silky when dry. Note: If you are unsure about what Matte finish you need, please reach out to our customer support so they can help guide you. Click here to contact. 

    Product Description 

    • Resistance to abrasion and scratching
    • Desired level of Matte

    1. Shake well. Hold the container with the black brush cap pointing up. Twist cap to open container. Remove excess Clearcoat by lightly dragging the brush along the inside opening as you remove it from the container.
    2. Prior to the first coat, and between all additional dried coats, use a TUD Tack Cloth to wipe away any dust contaminants.
    3. Lightly dab the Clearcoat onto the area to be painted. Do not use a drawing or rubbing motion as if using a marker; simply dab the Clearcoat on. Cover the area thoroughly and allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes between coats. Repeat this process applying 2-3 coats of Clearcoat. Allow to dry for 24 hours before polishing.
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