Touch Up Combo Matte Clearcoat

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Our matte Clearcoats are specifically designed to match the most common finishes offered by manufacturers. We offer finishes ranging from very matte (think chalkboard) to semi-gloss. We have 5 levels of matte finish: 

  • FC01 – Flat. Common with interiors and auto trims. Some motorcycles have this level of matte. 

  • FC02 – Matte. This is a less common level of matte. This is still dry looking but will have some sheen. 

  • FC03 – Eggshell. This is our most common finish especially for motorcycle colors. 

  • FC03 has a slight sheen and silkiness to it. 

  • FC04 – Satin. Seen with some motorcycle manufactures that are going for a matte look but want their colors to shine. Less common than FC03. 

  • FC05 – Semi-gloss. This is very common with automotive manufactures like Mercedes and BMW. This has a very obvious sheen to it and will look very silky when dry. 

Note: If you are unsure about what matte finish you need, please reach out to our customer support so they can help guide you. Click here to contact.

Product Description 

  • Resistance to abrasion and scratching 

  • Very smooth flow 

  • Desired level of matte Ideally suited for large surfaces