Touch Up Combo Clearcoat


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What is Clearcoat? It’s an extremely thin layer of plastic that you apply over your paint. It’ll protect your vehicle from sun damage and everyday detritus. In addition to this service, Clearcoat also provides the final sheen that makes your car’s paint job look shiny and finished. With the 2 in 1 applicator, the Combo’s versatility is good for those who don’t know how severe the scratch is.

  • Treated with UV resistance

  • Protects paint from outside damage

  • 2 in 1 applicator: On one side, the Brush. Flip it over and you get the Pen.

  • The Pen side’s firm chiseled nib tip applicator is designed to work against shallow rock chips and scratches.

  • The brush-in-cap applicator easily covers wider areas while also handling very small scratches.