How to Choose the Right Touch Up Paint Product

At TouchUpDirect, we understand that no touch up paint project is the same. Why purchase a quart of paint when you’re only repairing a tiny chip? That’s why we offer six different products so you never have to buy more than you need, and you get the perfect option for your specific application needs.

Not sure which product is best for your project? No matter the color, our factory quality, eco-friendly Waterborne Paint and Urethane Paint formulations are available in six product sizes for your convenience. Here’s a breakdown of each option to help you make an informed purchase:

Touch Up Pen

With its 0.5 oz. capacity, the touch up pen is ideal for the smallest, most intricate projects requiring a precise and nimble hand. From the tiniest drop of color to fill in a stone chip, to super accurate line-drawing capabilities, no other applicator rivals the touch up prowess of the touch up pen.

Precision Multi-Angled Nib

The nib of the touch up pen is manufactured with top-secret, proprietary fibers from Japan, which allow for optimal control and steady paint flow. It’s multi-angled so you can dispense very small droplets of paint, create steady, solid lines, and everything in between. It’s also easy to remove and clean so you can use it over and over again.

Controlled Paint Flow

Manufactured right here in the USA, the valve of the touch up pen allows for one-way flow, meaning you have precise control of the amount of paint dispensed. Push the chiseled nib into the valve to release the desired amount of paint, applying more pressure to release more paint.

To purchase a touch up pen, first search for your color match and paint formulation in our Paint Finder, then select the touch up pen option on the product page.

Touch Up Jar

Convenient, dependable and user-friendly–the 0.5 oz. touch up jar is a completely unique touch up paint product you won’t find anywhere else. Featuring a tapered brush tip and ergonomic shape, the touch up jar design was carefully developed to ensure you achieve the absolute best results.

Brush Tip for Perfect Lines

The brush tip built into the touch up jar cap is tapered so you can paint super fine lines or thicker ones. It also features high quality bristles that won’t fall out. Best of all, the brush reaches all the way to the bottom of the jar without bending or damaging the tip, so there’s no risk of product going unused.

Comfort Grip

We designed the top of the touch up jar for easy handling and maximum comfort. The ribs prevent your grip from slipping and allow for effortless removal and tightening. They also minimize product loss in the unfortunate event that you drop or tip over your touch up jar.

To purchase a touch up jar, first search for your color match and paint formulation in our Paint Finder, then select the touch up jar option on the product page.

Aerosol Spray Can

Spray paint or professional paint job? No one will be able to tell. Once you use the our aerosol can, you’ll understand why. The aerosol contains 13.5 oz. of the perfect mix of paint, reducer and propellant, so you get perfect coverage every time.

Adjustable Comfort Tip

The comfort tip spray nozzle is just one of the features that makes the TouchUpDirect aerosol better than the rest. It greatly reduces finger fatigue whether you’re working on large or small paint projects. Depress the tip as much as you like according to your desired paint concentration without straining your finger. You can also adjust the Comfort Tip for a vertical or horizontal spray pattern.

Optimal Pressurization

Each aerosol can is designed to create optimal pressure depending on the product inside. Because each of our paint products flows differently, the Comfort Tip is adjusted for optimal flow according to its contents, whether it’s our Waterborne Paint, Clear Coat or Primer. This is unparalleled in the industry and creates the smoothest paint job available from an aerosol can, while preventing clogs at the same time.

Not Your Typical Aerosol

The difference is in the details. TouchUpDirect aerosol cans are completely unique thanks to a few subtle features. They don’t have rolled edges like many other aerosols, which helps prevent damage during shipping. Depending on the product inside, some do not contain rattle balls if they’re not necessary, and they produce different spray patterns for optimal coverage. These differences might seem small, but they mean you’re getting a superior product made by a team that cares about the details. It truly is the ultimate aerosol can!

To purchase an aerosol, first search for your color match and paint formulation in our Paint Finder, then select the aerosol option on the product page.

Professional Sizes (Half-Pint, Pint or Quart)

Touch Up Paint Quart

Our Half-Pint (8 oz.), Pint (16 oz.) and Quart (32 oz.) touch up paint cans are designed for the experienced painter who already has all the required equipment and expertise. As described, each option contains a different amount of paint that’s ready to spray. Simply stir it up, pour it into your spray gun and shoot.

To purchase any of these touch up paint can sizes, first search for your color match and paint formulation in our Paint Finder, then select your desired size on the product page.

Now that you have a rundown of our various product sizes, you should be able to select the right one for your needs. If you need further accessories or additional products for your project, we also offer three convenient packages. To learn more, check out our Package Comparison.