Learn How Weather Can Affect Your Vehicle

None of us can control the weather, but with a little extra care we can try and control how much it affects our vehicles. For each unique region we’ve got some helpful suggestions to minimize the impact of weather on your car.

Did you know?


Be Warm Weather Wise


Just because you live in a warm climate, doesn’t mean that your car won’t need protecting. Dry weather produces dust, that if left on your vehicle, can act as sandpaper and damage paint. And sun exposure can damage paint finishes, especially darker colors. ,

The good news is that you can prevent damage with just a few simple steps!,

  • Remember to wash your car regularly so that dirt doesn’t build up.
  • Don’t wipe dry dust off with a dry cloth as it can scratch your paint.
  • Whenever you can, park in the shade.

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Don't Let Cold and Rain Become a Pain

Car-driving-through-a-foggy-forest ,

A little rain shouldn’t keep you off the road. It’s important to note that in freezing cold temperatures, rain can turn to ice. That means, lots of salt on the road and potential salt damage to your car. Even if you can’t control the weather you can minimize its effects with some simple steps!,

  • Wash your car frequently to remove salt.
  • Treat unwanted scratches as soon as you see them.
  • Check the rubber seals on your vehicle, to prevent leakage and corrosion.

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Beware of Cold Frigid Temperatures


Icy cold temperatures can wreak havoc with your vehicle. When cold weather turns to ice it not only traps dirt near the surface of your car that can scratch, it can rust your vehicle. Left unattended that rust can do some serious damage. There’s no way to control the weather, but you can try and control the damage it does to your car by following these simple steps!,

  • Don’t let snow build up on your car for long periods of time.
  • Wash and dry your car regularly.
  • Attend to exposed metal as soon as you detect it.

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