Premium Masking Tape


hydraBOND® Professional Masking Tape

Waterproof masking tape for automotive repair workshops.


  • Natural rubber and resins solvent based adhesive
  • Specific formulation allows to work perfectly even in overlapping and with masking paper/film applied
  • Resistant to thinners
  • Heat resistant up to 120°C/248°F (30 min), 160°C/320°F for very short period ( < 2minutes ), suitable for oven drying 100°C/212°F cycles
  • No adhesive residue after removal from car body, plastics, glass, rubber profiles, etc., even when Infra Red lamps are used
  • Water resistant saturated paper backing
  • Good resistance to break
  • The deep yellow colour allows a clear contrast with application areas making positioning easier: highlights
  • masked areas
  • Well adaptable to different shaped surfaces
  • Thank to its waterproof property, suitable for wet sanding 
  • Excellent performances with traditional solvent based and water based paints

Sold individually. 3/4" x 60 yards (19mm x 55m)

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