What Does The Color of Your Car Say About You?

In many ways, the cars we choose to drive say a great deal about who we are as people. In addition to the size and make of your automobile, the color you decide on actually can tell you – and the people around you – a lot about your personality. (infographic below article) BLACK Your […]

diy car paint scratch repair

How to Fix Common Car Paint Scratches

You pride yourself on doing everything you can to keep your car looking sharp. Finding a scratch can be mortifying after spending so much time on maintenance, but there’s no need to fear. You can fix scratches at home and prevent future damage to your car with a few simple steps. What Causes Car Paint […]

Paint It Yourself

Paint It Yourself

You can’t just park your car out back and paint it… But you can! Don’t assume that the TouchUpDirect crew sells paint all day and then heads home with no color under their collective nails. We use our stuff, because we’re gearheads too. Take this backyard sprayjob from a few months back: a high-mileage trail […]

Keep Wet!

Keep It Wet!

While we’re on the topic of simple ideas that make taking care of your paint a whole lot less irritating/obnoxious/ineffective, there’s one that we’re hoping you’ve already figured out: keep it wet. Yes! The very hose you use to rinse can defeat the scourge of water spots. The constant-wet methodology is not a new idea. […]

Two-Bucket Method

“The Two-Bucket Method”

Two buckets. Do you have two buckets? Let’s take it from the top: your car’s dirty. When you wash it, the dirt comes off. Where’s that dirt go? How does it get off? Sure, some heads to the ground in the pre-wash rinse, but not all. But what are you washing the car with? What’s […]

Paint Care, Dummy!

Paint Care, Dummy!

Confession time: you’ve caught yourself walking past your car, ogling the damn thing. Do you like what you see? Do you get to brag, or apologize? Are you admiring the paint or hating yourself for not taking care of it? If you’re the dude (or dudette) who smiles with a big fat grin after regarding […]

Ford E-Series

Jesus in a Smart Car: the Likely Vehicle and Color Choices of Thirteen Mega-Famous People

Alexander the Great – Hummer H2 Alexander the Great was born in 356 BCE and he became King of Macedonia in 336. He led his armies on a series of conquering campaigns that took him across the Middle East and down into India. He loved cheese, horses, and the color green. Alexander’s army was undefeated […]

Ultra-Low VOC Touch Up Paint

Why Ultra-Low VOC Touch Up Paint? The Eco-Friendly Option

If you’re concerned about the health of the planet, you likely know that some paint products can contain harsh chemicals that aren’t the most eco-friendly. Thankfully, there are more environmentally responsible products available. When looking for them, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for mentions of VOCs.


What Your Vehicle’s Color Says About You

Several factors influence car buying decisions–budget, needs, and personal styling preferences. But certain paradigms or conventions are well-known throughout modern culture, such as the muscle cars like red Corvettes and Mustangs, the mysterious black SUVs used by government agents in the movies, and the popularity of black or white limousines. Many emergency vehicles use striking […]

Auto Body Repair Pristine Paint Job

9 Auto Body Repair Experts Share the Secret to Maintaining a Pristine Paint Job

You want your vehicle to stay in pristine condition, right? Maintaining your car’s paint job is a huge part of keeping it looking brand-new. Some might say it’s the most important part. So what’s the absolute BEST way to keep your car’s paint all shiny and new? If you’re like me, your car is your […]