TouchUpDirect Scratch and Chip Putty – Automotive Repair Filler

  • Description

    Our Scratch & Chip Putty is created for all those moments where the damage is too deep to paint over. When your car has pits, holes, or deep scratches, fill the gaps with TouchUpDirect Scratch & Chip Putty before you start painting. No mixing or difficult or complicated procedures involved, simply squeeze the putty out onto the spreader we provide.

    • Designed to work with gouges, pits, and deeper damage to your vehicle.
    • Fill damage like holes and deep scratches with putty that adheres to your vehicle’s surface.
    • Our simple squeeze tube requires no mixing or complicated application.
    • Dries fast so you can get on with painting.
    • This kit includes: Scratch & Chip Putty, sandpaper, and a spreader.
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