Simple Steps To Increase The Value Of Your Motorcycle

To you, your motorcycle might be the most beautiful of treasures no matter what it actually looks like. However, when the time comes to put it on the market, you don’t want to get a rude awakening when you learn that not everyone views your bike with the same love-blinded outlook. Before it gets to that point, it makes sense to take some easy steps to maintain and enhance your bike’s value.

Meaningful Additions And Extras



  • What is your higher priority: comfort or style?
  • Are you outfitting the bike for long rides or short jaunts?
  • Do you want to make the bike passenger-friendly?

If you’re on a budget and only want to upgrade your look, consider purchasing a seat cover instead of an entire seat. By doing so, you can keep your comfortable stock seat while simultaneously adding some pizzazz. On the other hand, you might want to totally revolutionize the way your bike not only looks but rides, and getting a new seat is one of the best ways to do it. After all, along with the hand and foot controls, the seat is the only other place on the motorcycle where the rider’s body touches. Especially for people planning to take their biking hobby seriously by going on long rides, the comfort of both posterior and back can make all of the difference.,

Look for a seat with a pan (also known as a foundation or baseplate) that fits into the same holes as the stock seat. The foam cushion of the seat should be comfortable but not too soft, resilient and supportive. The seat cover you choose can be made from either leather or vinyl and can come in a wide variety of colors. High-end covers are usually hand-sewn and custom-fitted.,

In addition to your bike’s seat, there are other small enhancements you can make that can improve the look of your machine. These include spending a few dollars to get new hand grips, lights and even a fly screen.,

Keeping Parts As Original As Possible

For many enthusiasts, tinkering with their bike is just as much fun as actually riding it. This can involve everything from relatively minor changes such as snazzing up the paint job to installing augmentations and engine parts from other manufacturers. While it can certainly be a blast to let your creative energies flow, there is no denying the advantages of original equipment manufacturer parts. Since they usually are built in the same factory where your bike was made, they generally fit flawlessly and match perfectly with no customization necessary. However, they do tend to be costly. On the other hand, aftermarket parts can be a much better value although their performance can be inconsistent. You will probably buy aftermarket items for one of two reasons: as more economical replacement parts or if you want to enhance the style or functioning of your bike. ,

Just keep in mind that there are purists out there who put a lot of stock in original equipment manufactured parts. When the time comes to sell, do yourself a favor and re-install them to get your cycle back to being as close as possible to the way it looked when it left the assembly line.,

Getting A New Paint Job


Nothing gives your bike a facelift more effectively than restoring its paint. Inevitably, your travels will leave the finish on your motorcycle scratched and dinged. Perhaps it has gotten so bad that rust and corrosion are taking over. Fortunately, many sins can be absolved with a carefully applied paint job.,

Today’s touch up paint  companies use state-of-the-art color matching technology that can rejuvenate your motorcycle and make it shine with the exact shade it had when it left the factory. Whether you just want to touch up a few minor dents and scratches or you need to do a complete re-paint, there are high-quality products with clear, easy-to-follow instructions designed for amateur bike owners.,

Changing Your Tires

Whenever your bike is in motion, its tires are in contact with the road. Keeping them well-maintained leads to better stability as you drive and also protects your bike from unnecessary jostling that can cause misalignment and other driving problems, eventually having the potential to lower your motorcycle’s value. Be on the lookout for wear from the center portion or down the length of the tread as well as numerous punctures. Finally, you should change your tires on principle if they are over five years old since the rubber can begin to dry out.,

Understanding The Value Of Your Motorcycle


As you prepare to put your bike on the market, take some time to figure out a fair price to charge. By doing so, you will save yourself a lot of time down the line.,

As with any item you wish to sell, your first step should be to figure out what the market will bear. Do some online research into how desirable your motorcycle’s make, model and year are, and check internet classified ads to see how much other people are asking for similar machines.,

No matter how well-maintained your bike may be, age will often work against you. That’s because buyers know that it can often be difficult and costly to obtain parts for older bikes. Furthermore, consumers tend to fear that there is a greater likelihood for requiring major repairs sooner rather than later. The exception to this rule is lovingly maintained or restored antique/classic bikes, which actually appreciate in value over time.,

The way your bike runs is of paramount importance to its resale value, but so is its outward appearance. Since many buyers are aficionados who are well-versed in the details of their favorite brand’s various models, you might be wise to take the time to restore your motorcycle to its factory color. It is an investment that could pay for itself several times over. If your motorcycle is a popular, well-known model, you should have little difficulty selling it. However, you may have competition in the market and therefore might not be able to ask for top dollar.,

If your bike is rare or nostalgic, take your time when you put it on the market. It might be months before that perfect buyer comes along who understands your machine’s special allure, but your patience will be rewarded when you are able to sell your treasured bike to someone who truly appreciates it and at a price that makes you happy.,

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