Finding the right color for your vehicle

We field a lot of questions here at TUD on how to make sure to get the correct color for a particular vehicle.  Usually it's not too hard to figure out...for newer cars and trucks the color code is always on the vehicle somewhere.  Some brands do tend to make it a little more complicated to find, like General Motors made vehicles, but with a little understanding and a quick look, the code is there.  A lot of times your owners manual can guide you to where the code is located.

For cars and truck touch up paint, it's really important to be certain you have the color code.  The color code that is actually on the car is always, always, always correct.  In 20+ years, as long as the car isn't repainted, I've never seen the factory color code label to be incorrect.  So take a second and take a look at the code and ensure you're getting the correct paint for your vehicle.  There's so many similar silvers, grays, blues, etc. out there, that just guessing from the computer screen which color seems right is just not reliable.,

When it comes to motorcycles, it's a bit easier to determine the correct color.  Typically motorcycles only come in 1-4 color combinations.  These combinations are easily distinguished from each if you have a Honda 2012 CBR in red, for example, there won't be a lot of different choices of red.,

So take a moment and double check your code on your car or truck.  If you have trouble locating the code or have any questions, our expert staff is here to help you get the exact color you need!,