TouchUpDirect Waterborne Touch Up Paint: The Revolution Has Begun

It’s a big proclamation, we understand. But if anything, it’s an understatement. Imagine a product that improves on every single aspect of the norm. A product that has no compromises. None. Color match, durability, control, color selection, longevity, and better for the environment. That’s TUD Waterborne Paint.

The goal was clear when TUD decided to change the touch up paint world: create the absolute best product available. When it comes to anything in life, why not have the best? We determined that what would make TUD better than all the rest is a commitment to the environment, the largest and most comprehensive paint catalog in the world, and the highest quality paint ever offered.

Paint Quality: TUD Waterborne Paint is like nothing offered before. Everything about it is different and better than conventional paints: the color match, the paint durability, the ease of use, and clean-up . . . at every touch point, TUD Waterborne has been tested and exceeds all others, bar none.

Environmental Commitment: During our development of a new type of touch up paint, we decided early on that we needed to make a change in the status quo, especially when it came to the environment. It ended up being a revolutionary change and it’s called Waterborne. We knew we could sacrifice nothing in regards to durability and color match, and waterborne was the answer. For some, it’s hard to imagine how touch up paint can come from water . . . but it does. And the environment loves us for it.

Paint Catalog: TUD’s overall paint catalog includes hundreds of thousands of paint colors for the automotive, motorcycle, powersports, appliance, and furniture market. For each market we address and color we make, we weigh the demands of the product and determine how to formulate the paint. Many colors are waterborne, but we also have urethanes, enamels, and lacquers. Rest assured, each product has been specifically created to be the highest quality while still having the least environmental impact.