Touch up paint needs to be an exact match. And that’s TouchUpDirect’s specialty. Each formula is expertly tested to be an exact color match to factory standard for the vehicle. Some colors have more than one factory color standard. In that case, we do not simply make one-size fits all colors like our competitors. We document the differences and formulate an exact match. No other touch up paint company has more colors, more information, and works harder to guarantee that your touch up is perfect.

Exact color matching is only one aspect of making sure your touch up paint is perfect. After formulating the color, we implement stringent manufacturing procedures to ensure that the paint color and consistency is spot-on. Our automated manufacturing measures down to the thousandth of a particle so that just the right amount of color is being mixed. This is critical to ensuring that the color we have developed is the color that you receive.

Proven quality is the TouchUpDirect difference.