Aerosol Upgrade Package (Platinum)


Our upgraded kits include everything you may need for the perfect repair. These items were hand chosen by paint professionals to provide you with the tools to do the job right! 

What does it include?

  • 1 Wax and greases remover wipe for cleaning the repair area before you paint. 
  • 1 Rubbing compound for polishing to a perfect shine.
  • 1 Tack Cloth for cleaning dust and debris from the surface in-between coats. 
  • Assorted sandpaper pack: x2 500 grit, x2 1500 grit and x2 2000. Perfect for smoothing out rough damage or imperfections. 
  • Primer for covering damage that has exposed metal or plastic. 
  • Masking tape for taping off and protecting areas of overspray or excess sanding.
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