Ordering touch up paint from TouchUpDirect.com is easy. For Cars, Trucks and SUV’s  start by getting the color code from your vehicle. You can check out our helpful “How to Find Your Color Code” color code location tool to help you find where to look on your vehicle for your code. Once you have your color code you can then begin the purchase process by selecting either the size of the touch up paint (EcoPen, EcoJar+, EcoSpray+ Aerosol Spray Can, or Professional Size) or you can begin at the paint color selector found here.

Please note that for Cars of any kind it is very important to find your color code. Guessing at what your color might be in our paint color database can cause you to select the wrong color. TouchUpDirect will not be responsible if you enter the wrong color code for your vehicle. It’s worth the extra few seconds to go get your code!

Selecting Motorcycle or Powersports touch up paint is typically easier than selecting automobile touch up paint because there are less color choices for each specific year and model. In most cases, except for a few brands, motorcycle manufacturers do not put the color codes on the vehicle. Luckily that’s not a problem because we’ve created a comprehensive database that makes determining your motorcycle paint color easy. Simply go to our color selector and enter your information. The paint colors available for your model will come up and all you need to do is select what size you prefer (EcoPen, EcoJar+, EcoSpray+ Aerosol Spray Can, or Professional Size).

Regardless of what type of vehicle you are purchasing touch up paint for, after you have made your paint color selection, you will then be guided through the recommended products to complete your repair. You can chose one of our touch up paint packages that includes every product you need to do the best repair possible. Or you can go ala cart and select just the paint repair products you need.

Remember, the products we recommend are products that we have researched and know perform the best with our environmentally friendly touch up paint systems. We only recommend products we trust and have extensively tested to be the products you need to do the best possible paint repair or refinish.