How does TUD’s color-match guarantee help?

TouchUpDirect’s goal is your excellent touch-up experience. Our paint is high-quality, our matches are right out of the manufacturers’ books, our application tools are well-designed and accurate, and the directions are clear and effective. If you have a problem with your match, we will work with you to get it right:

  • Prove that you got your color code right.
  • Show that you followed the instructions, including the use of the test card.
  • Confirm that your vehicle has not been repainted with a non-factory finish.
  • Display that your finished product does not match.

If, at this point, something’s still not right, we’ll replace your paint and get you the guidance you need to make that match. Documentation of the non-matching paint and your steps in the process will be essential to figuring out the correct paint color, so please photo-document everything.

What if I need to exchange what I ordered for a different product?

If you need to exchange an unused and unopened paint or product, you are welcome to do so. However, not all finishes, coatings and tools are priced the same, we may assess a 25% stocking fee, and there may be additional shipping costs, depending on the situation and price differences. TouchUpDirect cannot exchange opened or used paint and products.

As with returns, any exchanges require a return-authorization number – TUD will not accept exchanges without this number on the returning package. Please visit with our exchange policy for complete details.

TUD’s exchange policy overlaps with our color-match guarantee. If you followed directions and satisfied the guarantee’s requirements, but still received paint that does not match your car’s paint properly, we will work with you to ensure you have the correct matching paint.

If you received your product damaged or in unsatisfactory condition, and are inquiring about exchanging it for a replacement, please send us an email with photos of the damage and a description of the issue, and a replacement will be sent after we confirm the claim.

What’s my recourse if the paint I ordered doesn’t match my car?

While TouchUpDirect guides its customers to ironclad methods for ensuring that they get a good match for their touch-up paint, accidents happen, as do mistakes, errors and the occasional travesty. In amongst those unfortunate happenstances, there are two ways for your paint to fail to match either your extant finish or your application plans that TUD may be responsible for. Each has a recourse that we’re happy to work through with you.

1. If you took all the correct steps when ordering your paint – as outlined in our Color-Match Guarantee – but the match fails to be correct:

  • This is always a possibility. There may have been variations in paint application at the manufacturer, environmental conditions could have affected the factory paint (sun, heat, etc.), and there’s always the “wellbeing” of the finish on your vehicle (Time to be frank: Have you taken care of the paint, Frank?).
  • While TUD prides itself on the quality and precision of our touch-up paints, it is a remote possibility that our computer-controlled pigmenting process could have made a mistake.
  • If you took the correct steps when ordering your paint, but the paint we shipped was not the right one, we expect you to have noticed the incorrect match while working with the test card.

Should any of these cases occur, follow our exchange policies as outlined on the “Return, Exchange, Replacement & Cancellation Policies” page. Of course, in the case of a mismatch, we will not hold you to the “unopened and unused” stricture of our exchange policies.

2. If TUD shipped you the incorrect paint applicator, ie: one that’s different than what you originally ordered, we’ll get you the correct order ASAP. The policies on our “Return, Exchange, Replacement & Cancellation Policies” page apply.