1. How is TouchUpDirect’s paint environmentally friendly?

It’s simple. We have two paint systems available, and both set the standard for ultra low VOC (volatile organic compounds) automotive and motorcycle paints. 90% of our colors are formulated in our waterborne paint line (yes, it’s made with water, keep reading) that offers the absolute best in color match, durability, and ease of use. Our urethane line is a more traditional paint system, but we weren’t about to compromise on our eco-friendly promise…it’s an ultra low VOC urethane that is legal in all 50 states.

We would also like to take this chance to explain that environmentally friendly paint isn’t just what comes out of the can that shows up at your door. There’s an entire manufacturing and filling process that can create hazardous waste and toxic fumes. TouchUpDirect is serious about the environment and every piece of machinery we fill with and every manufacturing process we’ve developed has been carefully considered and determined to have the least impact on the environment. We challenged our suppliers to work with us to deliver solutions that offer the highest quality paint possible while keeping mother nature happier. They gladly stepped up and together we’re changing the paint industry.

2. How can paint be made of water?

If you have a vehicle with paint on it manufactured in the last 10 years, chances are you already have a waterborne based paint job. We know it’s hard to believe, but virtually every new vehicle manufactured today is painted in waterborne paint. It only makes sense, it is the most environmentally friendly option, with fantastic durability, and it boasts a color range that no other type of paint system can match.

3. OK, so my vehicle is painted with waterborne, how can touch-up or aerosol paint be made of water?

Until very recently, it couldn’t be. We’ve worked long and hard with suppliers from around the globe to develop aerosol spray cans and touch-up’s that will produce the best possible results, yet have the lowest environmental impact. Waterborne paint is the answer, we just needed to put in the legwork to bring it to the public. The pigments, metallics, and pearls in all types of paint are very similar, it’s just the liquid that delivers the paint onto the substrate that differs. Urethane paints use a solvent that evaporates and makes the paint dry. Waterborne paint uses water to do the same thing. Obviously water evaporating is much better for Mother Nature than solvents evaporating, so you get the earth-friendly answer with TouchUpDirect waterborne automotive and motorcycle paint.

4. How can paint based in water, the very fluid of life, possibly work on my vehicle?

Because we’ve designed a complete system to make it work. It’s that simple. For touch-up jars and pens or aerosol spray cans or the bigger sizes, when you use the proper TouchUpDirect components, you will have a finish that meets or exceeds any original finish on any vehicle. We guarantee it.

5. What about your urethane paint system? Is it as eco-friendly as the waterborne line?

Unfortunately no. Waterborne sets the standard. Period. However, our urethane line offers an outstanding finish quality yet still is the most environmentally friendly urethane based paint available. Just because it’s urethane, we didn’t skimp on the eco-friendly part. Our urethane is ultra-low VOC and legal in all parts of all 50 states and even meets the stringent E.U. regulations. And just like the waterborne, our production line uses a virtually mess-free filling process that minimizes waste and hazardous fumes.

6. My waterborne paint looks like a different color than I ordered. What’s up?

Yes we know, let it dry on the repair area. Waterborne paint is a strange animal before it’s dry. Silvers and whites look a bit blue, black can look green…it’s odd. It’s all got to do with a bunch of chemical jargon that you probably don’t want to read about, but rest assured, the paint will dry the proper color. Follow the directions, give it the proper drying time and you will be amazed at not only the change of color from wet to dry, but also the accuracy of the color match.

7. Why is my primer and clearcoat urethane if my paint is waterborne?

Because the time for waterborne primer and clearcoat is not upon us yet. We’ve tested countless primers and clearcoats to determine what would be the best to offer. We toiled and tested relentlessly to develop the perfect clear and primer not only for finish, but also ease of use and environmental impact. The clearcoat and primers we’ve developed offer the best of all worlds. No, they are not waterborne, but they are ultra- low VOC, even less than some waterborne paints. They offer outstanding quality and finish, yet have a minimal environmental impact.

8. Why do I need my color code, it’s all the way outside on the car and way too hard to obtain while I cruise the internet?

First, we only need the color code if you’re ordering for a automotive paint. Motorcycle paint, bicycle paint, and most other painted things that need touch-up do not have codes on them or the codes are not necessary to determine your color. Automobiles are different. Cars are built in different factories, in different countries, on different continents. So they have what we call in the paint world, variants. There can be three different blues or 2 different reds or 5 different whites for one brand of car. The way to eliminate the guesswork is to go get the code off your vehicle. It might take you a minute or five, but trust us, it’s well worth it when you place your order and the color that shows up at your door is the correct
variant of the correct color for you car. While you’re out there grabbing the color code, get the VIN as well. More info equals less variables and helps ensure you get exactly the color you need. Our color code finder guide is here: https://touchupdirect.com/find-your-color-code It’s worth the time, do it.