What Does The Color of Your Car Say About You?

Car Color Meaning HeaderIn many ways, the cars we choose to drive say a great deal about who we are as people. In addition to the size and make of your automobile, the color you decide on actually can tell you – and the people around you – a lot about your personality.

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Your black car speaks volumes about your priorities. Not content with the ordinary, you constantly strive toward the upper tier. When you drive around town in your black automobile, people can sense that you are not one to be trifled with. In fact, you are a power player who isn’t the least bit shy about proclaiming it.


A red car is absolutely screaming to be noticed, as is the person behind its wheel. Vehicles of this color are often targets of police radar checks, so keep your eye on the controls of your hot, fire engine red conveyance. To own a red car is to be seen as vibrant, sensual and outgoing, a true attention grabber. Embrace your vibrancy!


Drivers of blue cars tend to be seen as trustworthy, whether they have a light or a dark blue vehicle. If yours is lighter in hue, you radiate a cool, metallic tranquility and serenity that can make you attractive to others, if a bit aloof. Mid-blue to darker shades show off the confidence and power of the driver; it is no coincidence that police cars are painted in this color.


If you want to be seen as a technical trend-setter, picking a silver car might be your best bet. Along with its cool elegance comes the attraction that all of us have to precious metals. This hint of cutting-edge status can give you an air of post-modern luxury that sets you above the ordinary driver.


For the person attracted to stark cleanliness and purity, a white car is just the thing. Although it can give off a cold and somewhat uptight aura, a white vehicle also transmits fastidiousness and transparency. If you are someone with nothing to hide and a desire to communicate this quality, a white ride is probably for you.


A gray car is ideal for the pragmatist who sees their car more as a mode of transportation than an outward expression of personality. After all, a gray car is inherently neutral, unlikely to be noticed and quite practical. Less likely to show the dirt, this color of vehicle can faithfully get you to where you need to go without any fanfare or fuss.


In the past, these colors were associated with a certain down-to-earth quality as well as neutrality and even drabness. However, in recent years, they have begun to connote the rich shades of high-end chocolate and coffee. For that reason, these shades are now often chosen by people who are attracted to the elegance and power that black suggests but who also want to represent their own individuality and taste at the same time.


These days, the color green is inextricably connected with being environmentally conscious, but that is not the only thing this hue connotes. If you have a light green car, you are probably a no-frills, understated person who loves it when your world is as natural and organic as possible. Darker green shades of cars carry with them a sense of the traditionalist who is well-balanced and trustworthy.


Although orange is one of the least popular colors, those who proudly flaunt it on their vehicles have a lot to say about themselves as unique, artistic and creative. If you are someone who definitely does not want to be confused with the rest of the humdrum crowd, let your love of orange express itself in the color of your automobile.


These sunny colors tell the world that you are lighthearted and happy, perhaps younger than your years. In addition, they can express a nod to the prestige of precious metals and the glamour that goes along with them. Whether it’s a cheerful disposition and humor or a love of the finer things that draws you to these shades, you will communicate joy wherever you go.

As you can see, the appearance of your vehicle communicates a great deal about who you are to your family, friends and everyone you pass as you cruise around town or across the country. However, if your car’s color is starting to look a little dull or shabby, don’t despair. You don’t necessarily need to shell out big bucks for an entire makeover. Instead, you can purchase a wide variety of high-quality touch-up paints that can bring your car’s exterior back to its former glory.

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