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12 Ways You Could Be Shortening the Life of Your Car

Other than buying a home, investing in a car is probably one of the most significant purchases you will ever make. Whether you opt to get a used vehicle or a model right off the show-room floor, it is definitely in your financial best interest to protect and preserve your purchase. You can go a […]

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How Cold Weather Driving Can Take a Toll on Your Vehicle

When the temperatures start to drop, you might begin to feel a twinge in your bones that lets you know in no uncertain terms that winter is on the way. Believe it or not, your car is similar. Therefore, it’s important to bear in mind how a dipping thermometer and increased precipitation during the winter […]

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Holiday Gifts To Extend The Life Of Your Car

With the holidays approaching fast, everyone begins to think about the gifts they will give to loved ones in order to celebrate the season – how about a gift that is genuinely useful ? These gifts will allow the recipient to extend the life of their vehicle, offering a long-term benefit that few other types […]

How To Order On Touch Up Direct – Step-By-Step Shopping Tutorial

In this video, we’ll walk you through the simple process of 1. Picking the correct color 2. Picking the correct applicator, and 3. The package of tools you need to create a perfect match. It’s super simple, super easy, and super fast. We designed it to be that way! More of a visual learner, check […]

Money Saving Ways To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Whether you are driving a beat-up old clunker or the newest model, replacing your car because of the effects of damage is definitely something to be avoided. Since the cold, snowy months can represent some of the most dangerous conditions when it comes to disrepair and deterioration, take the time to be preemptive now with […]

Simple Car Repairs That Could Cost You Thousands In Fines If Not Completed

Vehicle ownership is almost like a relationship. It requires constant maintenance and consideration. You have to work to keep things running smoothly, and if you do, you’re rewarded with an excellent, stress-free, even thrilling experience. But if you neglect your responsibilities, let things slide, or don’t put the work in that your baby deserves, you […]

What is Regular Maintenance?

What is Regular Maintenance? Regular maintenance and cleaning is important to keep your vehicle looking good and running well. But it’s also important for safety reasons, keeping its resale value up, and even to increase fuel efficiency. It can be easy to let these simple tasks slide, but every little thing counts. And when they […]

Tips For Applying Touch Up Paint To Your Car

Although you might like nothing more than the feeling of the hot summer sun beating down on you as you work on your car, solar rays are anything but friendly to the successful outcome of a touch-up paint job. To avoid runny or distorted paint, do your painting in a cool and enclosed area such […]

The TouchUpDirect Commercial

TouchUpDirect experience in an easy-to-watch video! Not sure what we’re offering? Want a slick, easy way to explain our business to a friend? Just send them this link and let our video do the talking for you. TouchUpDirect offers the best touch up paint and the tools you need to do the job right. We’ve […]

Things to Consider Before Rebuilding a Classic Car

Are you contemplating the idea of embarking on a big project, something you can really sink your teeth into? Your spouse might give you a huge eye-roll and your kids can only groan, but you really want to do something that marries your love of vintage automobiles to your love of tinkering. What could be […]