TouchUpDirect was born from a couple of guys that spent a lot of time in the paint industry and decided to ask a simple question: How could we make touch up paint better? While the question was simple, the answers were not.

The first thing we tackled was a paint formulation that had the durability of an original automotive or motorcycle factory paint job with excellent color matching, yet was not harmful to the environment like typical touch up paint manufacturers offered.

We understood the challenges in the development of our paint line because we knew we could not sacrifice one bit of resilience against the elements. When the paint job was done, it needed to be tough and durable against the worst conditions.

We also knew that color matching was the key to a good paint job. If a customer repairs his vehicle and the color is spot-on, the repair becomes virtually invisible. As such, color matching was the cornerstone of this project.

These two key requirements- quality and color matching- led us to our solution: Ultra-Low VOC, environmentally-friendly waterborne touch up paint. Additionally, we simultaneously developed an Ultra-Low VOC urethane paint system. Exhaustively tested and researched, we knew the bar was high, but we are proud to report that we met or exceeded every single benchmark. With these two systems, we have brought the biggest change to touch up paint since touch up paint was invented!

Even though we were the clear industy leaders, we didn’t stop there. Once we had our paint systems developed, we scrutinized every single aspect of the touch up paint manufacturing process. We didn’t settle for the same old systems that create excess waste and release harmful fumes into the environment. One example is how we changed the method for aerosol filling from the ground up. In this refined process, waste is practically eliminated because there’s no machine clean-up required, and fumes are minimized throughout the filling process . . . all while requiring less production time and less labor. In short, it’s a revolutionary system.

And of course you know we didn’t stop at the aerosol filling system. Our touch up pens and touch up jars are made from recyclable plastics and aluminum. Our shipping supplies are all recycled or recyclable. We minimize the use of electricity in our production facility with specially-located switches throughout it. No detail was too small or task to big to deter us from achieving what we set out to do.

You’re probably thinking that all of this sounds expensive. Wrong. Since we were able to build our business from the ground up with the above in mind, we were able to build it efficiently. This efficiency has enabled us to offer all of our products at a great value to our customers.

Superior Color Match. Exceptional Durability. Environmentally Friendly. That’s the TouchUpDirect difference.