Yes, Clear Coat is Required!

Want your vehicle to have a finished look? If you answered yes please read on!

Waterborne Paint is different than most paints you’re used to using. Once you apply the paint and it dries you will notice your spot will have no shine. This is because the paint is literally dry! Waterborne paint is pigment in water (non technical explanation). When the water evaporates whats left over is just the pigment. And without the clear coat your paint can absorb moisture which includes wax, oil, and grease. It is required that you clear coat the touch up within 24 hours of application. Once you clear coat your touch up it will bring back the gloss to  match your Car or Motorcycle.

Also, please take note that if your paint requires a Matte Clear, we have you covered. TouchUpDirect has gone through great lengths in order to achieve a perfect touch up. We have formulated our own line of Matte Clears that will match your Matte Car or Bike! These will come automatically if your Year/Make/Model require it.